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The Name-

The American Church of Independence was a significant name for me to choose, because the name alone addresses two separate, though not dissimilar philosophies.

The first philosophy being the philosophy of America, the philosophy outlined by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Paine, and the list goes on and on. For quite sometime the American philosophy has been one of raising ones character internally for their own peace of conscience before raising themselves up externally for their own satisfaction of ego. The more I learn about the great Americans who came before me of all races, cultures and religions the more I learn I'm capable of, and how to value things that can never be stolen or destroyed by time.

The second philosophy of Independence is a dear one to me. When we can learn to rely on no other being but ourselves (And our Creator) then we can truly know what real freedom is. Being an INDEPENDENT INDIVIDUAL I firmly believe is one of God's commandments and repeated in every book of the Bible so many times that if you need me to list verses here then you obviously have never read the best selling book of all time. It is also the greatest History book ever written.

The Doctrine-

  • Ultimately on our deathbeds (Judgment Day) we can only be accountable for our own lives to our Creator alone. So we should live our lives day to day that way now.
  • The Human Being was Created, and is hardwired through biology to learn best from making mistakes.
  • Truth for each of us can only be known as a personal experience.
  • The only difference between teacher and student is; who asked a question and who is answering.
  • “Take Every Thought Captive for Christ” is the method by which all of life is explored, (Not ignored).
  • The way we live our lives on a day to day basis is how we worship our God.

My Background-

Short answer is 10 years of bible classes at a private Christian school, a two week tour through Israel (Where I was baptized in the Jordan River into a Faith not a Doctrine) and the fact that I am a history junky, and continue my spiritual studies and exploration on a daily basis.

I love to learn and have spent most of my life studying things that no one else really has the time for, things that people are interested in and if they had the time and money they would, but it never quite becomes a priority. For example learning for the most part and accurate history of the world from today all the way back to about 3500 B.C. is actually more important then anyone who has never studied it would ever know. Another example would be studying to see if there is any truth to occult science, or modern mysticism. I know these subjects for example scare the crap out of a lot of people, but never the less it is so important to know.

I try to be the kind of person who is the same when no one is watching as they are in public. I do not think that watching my language one day a week or in certain company is entirely honest. I do not think hiding my previous vices will do anything but encourage them to grow in secret again. I do not think hiding my present weaknesses and flaws does anything but make me more weak and more flawed. So let me lay it on the line, past vices include smoking way to much pot, drinking way too much whiskey, and of course those two together cant get along with out adding female problems to the mix. Now don't worry I'm not a recovering drunk or pothead. I got my act together many years ago when I realized no one else could do it for me, I value my work and being able to do it focused and with all my effort far more then a night of fun, because one night of fun always turns into a two day hangover for me. All I mean by this is don't ever invite me to a party with nothing but whiskey and chronic unless you want to see me make a huge mistake. My present vices include being a workaholic and cigars and first person shooters on the Xbox360 (Basically any Tom Clancy game).

Of course all my weaknesses and flaws are directly related to my ego, so I try and be open and honest and see things from other peoples point of view when I can, but I'm still a human and as I have said so many times before DON'T WORRY ABOUT MISTAKES, GOD MADE US TO LEARN BEST BY MAKING MISTAKES! If God did not want us to make mistakes and learn from them then we would have never been granted the gift and curse of free will.

The Why-

 Why now and why exactly are you doing what? Well now because I actually started working on this idea a couple years ago when I saw the blooming of the internet/cell phone culture. Everyone decided at once apparently that being a stupid A-hole is cool at once. Apparently rudeness and demanding selfish material gains to fill a hole that can never be filled that way became common place one night when I was sleeping. So I said enough I'm making the change today and I'm making the infrastructure to go along with it so that anyone else who decides on their own to place their own identity over a mass mentality, and their own goals over commercially dictated goals for the masses then we could start having a better America again.

An America where it is once again to interfere with the individual, where our political and commercial goals aren't to make people that we don't even know or see on the other side of the state, country and globe, live the way we tell them too. That attitude used to be considered Un-American at one point in time, though many who would have said it at the point in time are today trying their damnedest to tell everyone else how to live their lives. Instead of valuing the individual and knowing that each individual only lives up to their Creators expectations when they accept themselves as who they are, as who their Creator created them to be, and who their Creator loves and has forgiven.

My goals and your goals-

You want your family safe and not wanting for any material security. You want to be king of your own castle, you want every other person to be free to their lives without it effecting you and your life without effecting them. You do not want to be taken advantage of, abused, interfered with, lied to, manipulated or treated like a slave.

I want this same thing, the only way freedom in life is found is first through our own inner selves. Its the same way with anything in life, you have to be before you can do and do before you can have.