Noble Truth ain't so noble. In fact truth hurts, truth is one of the most destructive forces in existence. The pain in our lives comes from the parts of those lives that have foundations built on untruths and lies. As these foundations are torn out and ripped apart our worlds collapse in on themselves and without warning or being prepared this can be extremely painful. But without this first act of destruction there can be no creation of the life that we seek for ourselves that is based in truths known and experienced. This session is your introduction, your act of destruction and creation, it is what is going to put the spin on the wheel that's going to stop running over you and your going to start riding to that life destination that you can create for yourself. You know you can do this because seeking an answer for lifes little problems is not just an act of taking responsibility for these problems but it is an act of confidence in yourself. A demonstration to yourself and the world that on some level you know you are capable of this.

Step One on the Defiant Path


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