Production and Distribution    

Production of digital disc media is done on a Primera Bravo disc publisher capable of burning and printing up to 50 discs at a time without having to re-insert media, or empty finished discs. Ragnarok Ram Productions however feels that a clear label used on unfrosted, unmarked factory discís provides a more professional and far superior label then that printed by the Primera Bravo unit, or other alternative labeling systems as the multiple layers allow for a greater canvas of art.

 Production Prices are as Follows- (Distribution Prices are covered by customer shipping charges)

  • CD- $15 per disc (Includes RRP Custom Jewel Case)

  • DVD- $25 per disc (Includes RRP Custom Jewel Case)

  • S-VHS- $10 per hour, per copy (Includes RRP Custom Hard Case)



Need modern format for your old media? VHS-C or 8MM to VHS, or Audio cassette or to CDs, or VHS to DVD? Any combo of these transfers Ragnrok Ram Productions can handle. Need media converted to the web as well? Ragnarok Productions can transfer your media into REAL PLAYER, or WINDOWS MEDIA formats for your I-net needs. Ragnarok Ram Productions is also capable of transferring WINDOWS POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS to DVD or VHS.

Transfer prices are based on transfer time plus transfer media. Transfer time is $10 per quarter hour for all media formats.

Video Production         

Ragnarok Ram Productions uses a Canon GL2 for a 3CCD chip digital video capture, and all the editing is done on the latest version of Adobe Premier Pro.

From business training videos, to electronic wills, to artistic portfolio, to custom internet content, to documentaries of family geneology , to advanced slideshows, with custom audio capable of publication without copyright infringements.  Ragnarok

Ram Productions prices range from project to project, but a basic rule for estimating video work is $40 per hour of video capture and about the times the amount of capture is needed for editing before publication ($40 X 3). So a one hour video even would be $40 for the capture and an estimated $120 for editing and production including advanced digital titles, DVD menus, audio and visual effects. As with all time sensitive projects Ragnarok Ram Productions charges by the quarter hour.



Ragnarok Ram Productions© offers higher quality, cheaper costs, and quicker turnaround then our competitors through the sole use of digital equipment. Ragnarok Ram Productions© provides a publisher for digital authors and professional editing for those already have their own productions.

Ragnarok Ram Productions© is an Oregon limited liability company that provides the lowest-cost conversion of video and musical tape to digital media for limited run or low volume production needs. Large video production companies often have expensive minimums or volume orders. Ragnarok Ram Productions© is both an outbound and Web-based business providing information on its Website, advertising extensively on the Internet, and conducting the transfer of tapes and the shipping of CDs and DVDs.

Ragnarok Ram Productions© is an Oregon limited liability company based in Salem, Oregon,  owned solely by Elijah James Killen who is both member and manager of this managed company